Started because didn't agree with JDOM development using concrete classes.

  • To simplify Tree based XML development.

  • Builds a Node tree in memory.

  • Uses interfaces instead of concrete classes and the Factory Pattern, which allows for other implementations.

  • Designed only for Java.

  • Uses a lot of convenience methods.

  • Uses SAX/JAXP to build the Document Model.

  • Does not necessarily generate well-formed XML.

  • Built in XPath support using Jaxen.

  • Built in TRaX support.

  • Taken over by Maarten Coene, who is doing a great job, trying to get a lot of bugs fixed.

  • 1.0 Released at 31 Aug 2001

  • Authors: James Strachan (currently working on: Maven, Groovy, and Jelly) now Maarten Coene