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XML HammerWhen the only thing you've got is a XML Hammer, every solution looks like XML. A simple user interface written in Java simplifying common XML actions like validation, transformation and xpath searches using any JAXP implementation.
XNGR XML BrowserVisualizes elements in a XML document. The user can browse through and manage the visible elements in the document with external services, or she can make changes to the content of the XML document with the built-in editor.
BounceBounce, a set of Java and Swing extensions, including ... layout managers like a FormLayout and CenterLayout, image filters, a comprehensive messaging mechanism, a XMLEditorKit with syntax highlighting and automatic indentation and more.


XML OverviewHigh level overview of XML and related technologies.
XML GrammarsHigh level overview of XML Grammars, including DTD, XML Schema and RelaxNG.
XML TransformsHigh level overview of CSS and XSLT.
XML APIsHigh level overview of XML APIs and implementations including SAX, DOM, TRaX, JAXP and Simplified DOM implemetations.