Facilitates merging of a number of XML documents (or XML document parts) in a single XML document.

  • Include a XML Document example:

    <x xmlns:xi="">
      <xi:include href="something.xml"/>
  • Include a 'text' Document example:

    <x xmlns:xi="">
      <xi:include parse="text" href="something.xml"/>
  • Include parts (all 'test' elements) of a document example:

    <x xmlns:xi="">
      <xi:include href="something.xml" xpointer="element(//test)"/>
  • Element: fallback

    Specify what to do if the resource in xref or xpointer cannot be found.

    <x xmlns:xi="">
      <xi:include href="something.xml">
        <fallback> Cannot find 'something.xml'! </fallback>
  • Attribute: encoding

    Specify the encoding of the external 'text' document.

  • Attribute: accept

    Specifies the HTTP Accept request-header field.

  • Attribute: accept-language

    Specifies the HTTP Accept-language request-header field.

  • Namespace:

  • Added to JAXP 1.3

  • Xerces 7.0 and Java 5.0 Full Implementation

  • XOM Partial Implementation

  • XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.0